14 September 2020

Watch how Qenos eXsource developed a new stretch hood film for our customers.

Stretch hood film is expected to double its market share of the palletisation market over the next three years. The reason for this growth is its enhanced load stability and five-sided protection, delivering high levels of safety and product protection.

Stretch hood films based on LyondellBasell’s Catalloy technology are used across the globe, and have replaced more traditional EVA-based films due to their higher performance and versatility.

Customers using Catalloy based films can avoid using a summer and winter formulation, and stick with one film all year round. Catalloy resin’s robust impact and puncture resistance as well as tear strength improve load protection and enable down gauging. Higher stretching ratios can allow reduced lay-flat widths, leading to further reductions in material use.

To prove the performance of the Catalloy based stretch hood film, Qenos eXsource worked with LyondellBasell to develop a stretch hood film for their polypropylene plant in Geelong.

“The great advantage that eXsource delivers to customers is the ability to work with world leading technical teams both within Qenos and from our partners such as LyondellBasell. We can deliver solutions to our customers like this stretch hood film with improved performance and reduced material usage.”said Ged Beckton, eXsource Business Manager

eXsource worked with a film extrusion customer along with support from LyondellBasell’s experts in Catalloy resins to develop a stretch hood film that delivered many benefits.

The stretch hood film structure included a core layer that was rich in Catalloy resins. The skin layers were formulated using Alkamax metallocene. For the film producer, the Catalloy and Alkamax based formulation has excellent processability, allowing efficient start-up and job changes.

The structure produced a film that delivered:
Reduced material use through thinner film, and higher stretch ratios
Increased performance with higher holding force and a tougher film
And better versatility for the film manufacturer and the end customer

According to Steve Miram, Qenos eXsource Technical Services Specialist: “a key part of the development was the field trial program, during which LyondellBasell assessed the film for machinability on the stretch hood line, followed by assessments of pallet stability after a period of storage, and again after the pallets were shipped to various locations around Australia. It was exciting to hear that the pallets passed this critical testing and arrived in excellent conditions at their destinations.”

The performance of the down gauged Catalloy based film was superior to the existing film, delivering a well presented pallet to LyondellBasell’s customers.

By combining Qenos eXsource know-how with the right polymer materials, the team at Qenos eXsource can develop stretch hood solutions your customers can trust.

To find out more, contact eXsource directly on (AU) 1800 331 230 or (NZ) 0800 440 901 www.exsource.com.